Gourmet Coffee Beans

In today’s busy world, it is easy to resort to instant coffee for a quick caffeine hit. Simply pour on the boiling water for a hot ‘cuppa’ in a hurry. When you are in a rush, instant coffee has its place. It is fast, quick and familiar.

Coffee aficionados scoff at the idea of the processed coffee powder so many of us have come to love. So why should you bother grinding and brewing fresh coffee beans in favour of your beloved instant coffee? There are many reasons. While you don’t need to become a coffee expert, you’re about to discover four reasons why you should trade your instant coffee for freshly roasted coffee beans.

Reason 1 – To Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Did you know that most instant coffees contain more caffeine than ground coffee beans? This is because most instant coffee is manufactured from a species of coffee bean called Robusta. Robusta beans are used for instant coffee because they are relatively cheap and widely available. On the other hand, when you choose to buy whole beans, or freshly ground beans, you are generally buying higher quality Arabica beans. Arabica beans have the added benefits of lower caffeine levels and superior taste.

You might be even more surprised to hear that the caffeine levels of dark roasted beans are lower still. So, as long as you choose 100% Arabica beans, a shot of fresh, dark roasted espresso is actually better for you than your favourite instant coffee.

Reason 2 – To Enjoy the Ritual

There is no denying that a rushed instant coffee cannot compete with the relaxing ritual of grinding and brewing fresh beans. Making fresh coffee gives you the opportunity to capture the essence and emotion of traditional brewing. From the rich colour of dark glossy beans, to the wonderful aroma and full flavour, take time to enjoy every aspect of the coffee making experience.

Reason 3 – To Experience Superior Coffee

Coffee made from freshly roasted beans is rich in aroma and flavour, with a taste far superior to instant coffee. Whilst instant coffee might curb your caffeine cravings, fresh coffee is a treat to be savoured. You might even find that the finer flavour of freshly roasted coffee will allow you to cut back on any sugar or milk that you would normally add to your instant cup.

Reason 4 – To Try New Things

Freshly roasted coffee beans come in a wide selection of roasts, regions, blends and flavours. You can also choose from a variety of brewing methods, including espresso, filter, French Press (plunger) and percolator. By varying your combination of beans and brewing method, you can experience an endless number of coffee tastes. Go ahead and experiment with your coffee beans until you find a style that you love.

Hopefully these points will convince you to trade your instant coffee for freshly roasted coffee.