About Us

The Hillbilly Coffee Difference

We are committed to the environment and to supplying premium-quality coffee.

That’s why we visit the world’s leading coffee-growing regions and forge personal relationships with the growers, directly passing the exotic tastes, blends and benefits on to you.

We also encourage the continued development and sustainability of coffee growing, to provide improved conditions and infrastructure and to assist in improving community and general living conditions for all farmers.

Doing the right thing

Fair Trade is about helping the people who grow the coffee. This means having the shortest link between producers and retailers. The Fair Trade stamp on some brand names is largely a marketing strategy. There can be no fair trade where middlemen are in control. That’s why we believe in working direct with the producers, at the source.

At Hillbilly Coffee, we contribute to the development of our coffee growers by rewarding farmers with prices that reflect the high quality of their crop. This, in turn, affords farmers the opportunity to implement positive changes for their workers and families, not just through valued employment, but also in the form of healthcare and providing educational opportunities for their children.

When purchasing a Hillbilly Coffee product you’re ensuring a fair price for coffee growers for the freshest premium beans. It also means you’re supporting the coffee grower both personally and financially, who works hard to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Traditional ‘shade grown’ farming practices

The coffee plant is a native rainforest plant. When coffee was first farmed it was carried out in the shade of the trees of rainforests and provided a thriving habitat for many of the flora and fauna. This coffee-growing process was called ‘shade-grown’ coffee farming. To meet increasing world demand and to speed up the coffee-growing process, shade-grown coffee was replaced in most instances with open-air or sun-cultivation-coffee plantations. This meant clearing thousands of acres of habitat for the coffee plants with little thought or regard to the long-term environmental impact.

Maintaining Quality

Many things need to be right to produce the ultimate coffee, starting with the selection of coffee plants, the region and growing environment, the tending and care, harvesting and processing, roasting and baristing:

Ideal Growing Location: Grown at high altitudes for a premium coffee with a distinct wet and dry season, these are ideal conditions to grow full-flavoured coffee.

Shade Grown: Unlike a majority of mass-produced green bean coffees consumers are buying on the market today, Hillbilly Coffee supplies traditionally ‘shade-grown’ coffees such as their Phahi Arabica coffee range while also supplying an exotic range of premium sun-cultivated coffee beans to you as well.

Hand Picked: One of our original coffees, the Phahi AA premium Hill-Tribe Single Origin, is an example of a hand-picked coffee. The Hill-Tribe people of Northern Thailand pick only fully ripe, red cherries.

Wet Processed: Once harvested, the red cherries are wet processed in spring water and sun-dried as nature intended.

Hand Sorted: Each bean is expertly sorted by hand to ensure all defective beans are removed and the size and quality of the beans is consistent

Expertly Roasted to order: All our premium beans are artisan roasted by us, on the premises, so that you get to enjoy and experience the freshest unique coffee flavours and aroma in every cup